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I've been wearing bras for a very long time now, most of that time I was certain that ... I was wearing the right size. And I was buying new bras to replace the older ones on their last stretched-out days...I found out the size I'd thought I was was not the size I am.

The t-shirt bra that has been extremely popular for many years (too many!) here in the U.S. tends to conceal the finer details that indicate whether you've got a good fit, an ok fit, or a meh fit. That smooth shell hides where your breast tissue is and isn't. Unless it's far too small in the cup for your breast tissue to be fully contained - which may include some of the tissue being contained by parts of the bra other than the cup! I do understand the utility of the t-shirt bra style, I even own a couple. I just have come to the conclusion that these are not the ideal style when trying to ascertain size, shape, and the minute details of finding a bra that fits.

I have wide *and* tall breast roots; they start just under my collar bone and extend approximately for 2/3rds underneath my arm. With the recently acquired bras that fit (size range is 32 F-FF-G) the side overflow has reunited with the rest of my breast tissue so a migration crisis has been averted!

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