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I used to wear horribly fitting 75B’s and 70C’s, never knowing what’s out there. The bands were ridiculously ... big, there was an inch of boob peeking out under the wires, and the cups were basically just laying on top my boobs without giving any support. In 2012, to my complete surprise, I got fitted into 28E and discovered Freya. Since then my boobs have grown somewhat and I fit now around 28F-FF-G.

My breast shape as far as I’ve figured it out: projected, narrow roots, close-set, center fullness, full on top, rather low-set, soft tissue I think. My underbust measures 26", but I’m most comfortable in bands that stretch to 27.5"-28".

Since I was no longer able to buy bras from clothing stores after discovering my true size, I had to start browsing lingerie retail sites and reading bra blogs and reviews. Somewhere along the way I got completely addicted to bras! Nevertheless, I was unaware of my shape for a long time and just hoarded pretty bras in my size. During the last year I have definitely become more educated and Bratabase is helping so much! I still like my Freya Decos but the half cups are just too shallow and wide, Cleo’s wires are stabbing my boobs, and most unpadded bras are too closed on top. Most recently, I have ventured into the land of Polish bras and there’s no turning back!

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