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I'm a 30-something MBA in corporate America, entrepreneur, mom and wife who finds herself so engrossed in work ... and family that it is often hard to make time to feel beautiful.

Once upon a time, I was a nice perky 32DD, which, in hindsight, was probably a 28F(ish). Then I had a pregnancy and subsequently breastfed my little one for 15 months, during which time my ribcage had spread and I was measuring at a 34G. When I finished breastfeeding and went to find a bra months later, I ended up a 32B, a deflated one at that.

So after thinking about it for a long time, I decided to go get implants to I feel amazing, I love how my clothes fit. Before surgery, I looked forward to actually feeling sexy in lingerie and not taking my boobs off at night when I took off my bra. I had been dealing with shifting bras my whole life, so I thought giving the cups some more volume might help (not realizing I'm not a 32, I'm a 28!).

I thought when I had an augmentation, I'd size up and have beautiful breasts and bras. Well, here I am trying to find bras that don't completely cover up something I worked very hard to get - I want to feel sexy in my lingerie without losing all my support too. I want bands that fit AND cups that fit AND a gore that tacks and doesn't come up to my neck. And so I'll keep searching. I'll keep writing. I'll keep trying to blow away preconceived notions in myself and others... and I'll do it one bra at a time.

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