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Bra fitting help » Underwire is painful & pokes underarm + gore issues. Can this bra be salvaged?

Cacique » Bold Lace Full Coverage Bra (195851) » 40G 40:8

Issue resolved

Didn't fit. I plan to sell or give it away.

Original problem

I thought I'd picked the right size for this bra (I tried on a 38H and 40G two weeks ago), but now looking at the pictures, I realize it's the wrong size. The underwire pokes me in the arm on the right side. The front of the underwire is painful and presses hard into my sternum. The band, which was really tight when I first tried it on, is now getting loose after wearing it for several hours. You can see that it's rolling up a little. I probably should've gotten the 38H, though I'm not entirely convinced that the 38H will fit right either. In the store, the 38H felt so tight in the band I couldn't get it on, which was why I opted for the 40G.

This bra/brand might be all wrong for me in general. I recently went up a size, so I bought some bras on sale at Lane Bryant / Cacique just to tide me over for a while. My new size is 38GG-38H and the Elomi Amelia 38GG is my best fitting bra at the moment. It's an exact fit, though I'd love a little more center projection.

My old Elomi Bijou is my second best bra right now and mostly still fits because the 38G in that style runs very big, but there's a tiny bit of quad boob. Oddly enough, the measurements for this Cacique Bold Lace Bra are kind of similar to the Elomi Bijou, but the fit is all wrong. Maybe because the Bold Lace Bra cups are wider? Last night, I was trying to see if I could fix the poking underwire and tried to lightly bend the wire to make it wider, but maybe it's too wide and should've tried to make it more narrow in the cup?

Is there any way to alter this bra now that I've worn it and can't take it back? I'm also trying to decide whether to return the other Cacique bras I bought or if it's worth exchanging them for the 38H.

Also, the gore on this bra is terrible. I wasn't so worried about the gore not laying between my breasts at the top because I have close-set breasts, but the gore on this bra is very uncomfortable. It rubs/digs in at the bottom because there is no soft elastic there, just the fabric. All my UK bras have soft elastic lining the bottom of the bra. I find it weird that Cacique doesn't do this, considering their target market.

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