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Trust plays a key role in "the website" ). Your privacy and trust are very important to us. This document describes how the website will use and display the information you provide.

By using you accept the practices described here. If you have any further question, please reach us.

Information gathered by the website

The information you enter on the website will be stored indefinitely as long as you choose to participate on the website.

Personal information

In order to create an account in you need to provide a Username and a valid E-mail address. This email address will be used to notify the user about related events and interactions with other users.

Your username will be displayed next to the content generated by you, such as bra reviews, or comments made.

Later on, the website will ask for your personal measurements, age, height, and weight.

We use this information to calculate recommendations for other users and will not be displayed in an individual way.

Disclosure of personal information

Your personal information will never be shared with third parties.

Other information gathered by the website will ask you for different measurements and information about your bras.

You can also fill out a profile where you can disclose a website, social network pages and more information about yourself. This information is not required and will be shown in your public profile page.

Bra measurements

The website needs that you provide information about your bras. These numbers may be displayed individually and in an aggregated manner to visitors.

Bra reviews

After you've added your bra measurements. You can add a comment or review about your bra along with rating on quality, comfort and looks of the bra. This information will disclose your username and some profile information.

Fit information

The information you enter about how each bra fits you will be displayed next to your bra reviews to other users of the site. This information is public and used in recommendations calculations. It does not reveal your profile measurements.

Bra Pictures

The website allows you to add pictures of your bra so show any particular feature or characteristic of it to other members. They will not be linked directly to your review or account unless:

These pictures may be rejected by an administrator if they do not meet picture reglamentation.

All pictures will be watermarked and re sized.

These pictures do not contain related information to your user unless you explicitly indicate that you wish to display them next to your review.

User activity

Registered users can participate in the site by voting, commenting on reviews, comparisons and other sections. Out of all that activity only voting is kept private. That is that the user that received your vote will not know who did it.

The rest of information will show your username and a link to your profile.

Your profile will also include sections with your aggregated activity.

You can select who has access to your profile and different sections of it.

Non personal information

The site will collect non personal information such as your Browser capabilities, IP address, operating system. We use this information for traffic analysis or internal site development. This information will not used to identify you.

We use Google Analytics.


Yes, we use them they are required in order to support user log in and allow you to access your information.

Closing an account

If you wish to close your account, please contact us at any time requesting to close your account. Deleting it will effectively delete all participation on the site, such as comments, reviews, bras, votes and any other contribution made.