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Bras » Jeunique » J 31

Beige version, see J30 for white and J32 for black

All lace two section cup with Air-O-Flex banderin. Semi Rounded Cup


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Not enough information yet to determine stretchiness.

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  1. 33


    Didn't fit

    So really, I'm only entering this bra because of the complete hilarity of it. Look at the shape! WHAT??

    It takes quite a bit of maneuvering to get the boobs into this bra. The cups are so elongated that at first there is about a ping-pong ball's worth of empty space at the ends of them. But if I lean forward and jiggle a bit, magically my boobs reach all the way to the ends! It is seriously the most bizarre thing ever. You can kind of see in the pictures that there is a sort of shelf under the lace that goes midway up. That gives the upwards projection you can see in the side shots. But then it ends right around the tips, so if you grab your boobs from the front, there is like ... a squishy ball of boob and then a tank bra. I can hardly describe it. So weird. So hilarious. My boyfriend HATES this bra. But I kind of like it. It's like modern art or something. I'm pretty sure I need to install lazors to fire out of the tips.

    As for comfort, the band is very snug (presumably to make up for the lack of underwire), and the bra itself is relatively comfortable for wearing around the apartment. I tried to sleep in it, though, and woke up with crazy back pain, although I have no idea what the reason for that would be.

    The construction is extremely sturdy... and... Well, really, you probably just shouldn't get this bra unless you have a specific reason to, so I'm going to stop there. Heh. Complete insanity.

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    • Looks like some sort of breast torture device! Sadly, I had a bra fitting a few years ago and if it wasn't this brand, it was similar. I think their goal is to see how wide and pointy they can make a breast. :-)

    • 1

      Lasers....ha!!!! This gave me my laugh for the day. Thank you. :)

    • 2

      I was reading your review out loud to my hubby, and he heard "fire out of the tips." as "fire out of the tits."

      This is a truly impressive monstrosity of a bra. I wonder what the smaller sizes are like, if they make them.

    • 2

      Oh. my. lord. XD I can see that bra as being part of a Lady Gaga/glam rock themed burlesque costume, maybe!

    • WOW, I actually kinda want this bra.

    • 6

      I would love to know what the cup depth is on that bra!

    • 1

      Love the look of this bra ! Bullet bras are about to make a big come back .

    • This is the only manufacturer I've ever seen who uses CC and EE cups. I guess they just want to be special?

    •! I have never seen a bra do such a thing...this bra is...special. XD
      Well,you can't complain about not getting enough projection in a bra like that!

    • 1

      I love all my 'jeunique J30'(44JJ,...) or
      my 'Beauty Jeunique'
      for the confort, the hight and good support,
      he magnify the bust perimeter and offer a good
      look under the pull over.

    • 1

      You say your boyfriend hates this bra where my husband loves to see me in these types of bras.

      I must say it looks to fit you really well.

      I have started to wear these bras more and more for the support they give and the fact they have no under wire which I don't really like.

      If you need a ego boast then a walk out and about wearing this bra should do wonders.

      I have a black rubber mac that I wear tightly belted when I go for a walk sometimes wearing my bullet bra and wish to attract attention.

      Feel I need a ego boast sometimes.

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  2. 0


    Didn't fit

    With this 44K size, I get the best fit between my others Jeunique J30 (46K, 44jj, ...) that I love for their comfort, support and also retro shape they provide.
    With this 3 layers of 5 hooks, these reglabes and inextensibles straps.
    With a good adaptation of band length and the 'banderin plate' there are an excellent report at back of the breast loads.
    in opposition with 'crushed balloons' and with the return of retro forms, here the semi pointy cups procure good look under clothes or ajusted pull-over, the bust perimeter is magnified with this bras.

    Updated on Mar 17, 2014 Flag this

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