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How tight should a band be? » All bra adventures


How tight should a band be?

I have been wondering how tight a band should actually be. I feel more supported and lifted when mine is quite/ very tight. When I read online I see references to being able to put a certain amount of fingers between your back and your strap. Does this mean flat against your back or sticking out perpendicularly from your back? Any other expert opinion on how to guage how tight a band should be? I figured I should ask since I can't be the only one wondering this ;)

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  • In my opinion, the band should tight enough that it doesn't move, but still comfortable.
    Also, with the finger thing, I think it's with one in front of the other. Like this

  • I think it just has to be tight enough not to move around when you do. I have some 28 bands I can fit a hand under, some only a couple fingers. Both feel supportive to me. If you start feeling a pull on your neck and shoulders from the breast weight, the band is too loose.

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