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Aug 12, 2017 » All bra adventures


Aug 12, 2017

So, I’ve made a discovery that some of you might be interested in regarding breast growth.

About a year ago I went Vegan (no meat or dairy-everything plant based) and lost about 25 pounds. For me, weight loss has always been accompanied with breast mass loss, but this time, my breasts did not shrink. In fact, they grew. I went from a 32GG/30H (basically Fantasie as that was all I ever really wore) to a 30J/JJ/K (Fantasie being 30JJ.)
I attribute it to the Tofu and Soy products, which is the basis of all faux meat and faux cheese products I’ve tried. I can’t say for sure it is the Soy/Tofu, but I can say for sure that the diet change made my breasts grow 3 cup sizes in less than a year. They’ve been staying steady at the 30J/JJ/K for 5 months now, so I’m figuring the growth has stopped, but is permanent.

Besides the breast growth, my overall health is so much better, I have more energy, my skin is clearer, and I feel great emotionally, as I’m doing my part to help save our precious planet. I don’t feel like I am lacking anything, and the transition was easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be. My husband and our 3 year old also made the transition as well without any problems. Within the past year, I have done so much research and my only regret is that I didn’t make the change earlier. Not just for my health, but for our planet, our resources, and the animals we enslave and murder for a meal. I can’t believe I didn’t open my eyes before.

I won’t go more into that here, as it’s not bra or breast related, but did want to share the natural breast growth.
As for some background on my breasts, I was a 32C in high school, went to a 36DD while pregnant with my first child, then back down to a 32C. I then got 650CC implants (high profile, under the muscle) due to the mental/emotional torment my mother inflicted on me regarding my breast size. (Gotta love that parental mental abuse.) With the implants, I went up to a 32FF/G then a bit of growth due to weight gain to a 32GG. I did go up to a 34J during pregnancy of our second child, but then back down to the 32GG afterwards.

If I’d known going Vegan would have made them grow naturally, I would have saved the 10 grand it cost me to get them done back then........

One more note, I also only eat NonGMO now, with Organic when it’s available. Not sure if that plays a role in the change, but do know that Genetically Modified foods do destroy our bodies.

Has anyone else made the Vegan change and notice the breast growth difference? If not, did you eat Tofu and Soy products? Do you eat strict NonGMO/Organic? (Most processed foods are genetically modified, so unless it says NON GMO Verified, you should assume it’s GMO. It literally is everywhere…….)

Really curious what other women have experienced with this. Please share!

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  • I do really worry about all the soy in our diet. Our veg daughter matured early and I have tried hard to limit soy in her diet but it's everywhere. Trying to get more beans and rice in her now. I also use Beyond Meat, pea based, and Quorn meat substitute which is fungus based and delicious.

    I grew up on a veg diet and never lost weight myself. I have been overweight since my parents went veg (which coincided with puberty). Personally I think my metabolism requires higher amounts of protein than some others as I was constantly starving feeling on a vegetarian diet.

  • Rice and beans are great for sustaining hunger as well. Straight veggies without the grains isn't enough calories for energy so I understand why you would be hungry after.
    I'll have to look for Quorn. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds promising!
    Thank you for your input : )

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