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May 17, 2017 » All bra adventures


May 17, 2017

I have had a bit of a trial with getting bras to fit. I'd love some advice. I measure a 32G on BoB but trying on a 32G in a range of bras (chosen from the Bratabase and reviews) leaves a few issues. Bras are hard to get here in Australia so I'm having to buy online and some places won't ship here too, but I'm keen to find anything that works at this stage.
- Firstly, the band fits well and my breast tissue is in the cup but the cup isn't filled at the top. The underwire sits well under my armpit and doesn't dig in there, but - I get weird puckering even after scooping and swooping and shaking and jiggling. I've tried a range of bras, and have looked to the ends of Google for advice on bra styles to suit ;). It's like my boobs are a G cup left-to-right but an E cup top to bottom. I need some ideas on styles to try next for this kind of breast shape.
- Secondly the straps are sitting REALLY wide on my shoulders, so I was wondering if I should/could size down a band size and up a cup size, and use a bra extender to make it more of a 31" band. Or what suggestions there are for close-set straps (I've tried Bratabase and many of them are discontinued so I'm disheartened).
- Thirdly, the band on the 32G pulls out a looonnnggg way. I was assured that it fitted "really well" and it was just my preference to have the band so tight. The 30GG dug in and gave me rolls which was horrid on the tightest hook.

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  • sounds like u might be shallow shaped. i am a tad shallow myself and describe my breasts as being croissant shaped, haha. don't know much about bras in your size, but i'm sure that you'll get a lot more advise from others who share your experience on here. :)

  • You might want to do a fit request or two, but I also think you might be wide and full-on-bottom. also, different brands have different amounts of stretchiness in the band. a 32G is different in every brand and even sometimes in different models in the same brand.

    I notice the Clara is what you mark as fitting best, and looking over Clara reviews here, everyone says its wide and shallow

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