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Verification again

So I got a verification notice about my newly added CK bra - stretched band too small. I go and compare with other data for the same bra in the same size and there is a minimal difference. Actually, some other measurements differ more than stretched band length. Then I remembered that the same thing happened with my last added bra. This is really silly because the stretched band is a relative measurement. If instructions say - up to a point of cups distorting, that is what I do. I mean, I can stretch further, but to what end? I don't want to rip a new bra apart just to make the system happy.

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  • This has happened to me several times, too. I try to use the same amount of force each time to help maintain repeatability in my measurements, but sometimes they vary widely from other's measurements. SIgh.

  • The verifications are a way for us to double check. I think we get an alert if the stretched measurement is not at least 10% bigger than the unstretched measurenent.

    When you get a verification email, there will be a link to your bra and a button there that you can click and just confirm your measurement. That tells us that you're right.

    The way you're stretching sounds correct, it may be a tighter bra. Looking at the data every other entry seems to have a stretchier bra than yours so that probably is what raised suspicion:

    We need all the data we can get, the more bras the better if yours is still an outlier, when we get more bras measured then it will further validate your entry. We just don't have a way other than looking at other data and question it, that's why we ask you to please confirm for us :-/

    Don't take is as a "you're doing it wrong", but as a "We re confused, can you please confirm and help us"

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