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Do you keep bras "just in case" they'll fit later? » All bra adventures


Do you keep bras "just in case" they'll fit later?

I have these two Comexim bras that I love (one brand new), but they are a bit too small right now. I'm debating if I should keep them for summer time 'in case' I lose a few pounds and they fit at that point. Do you just keep what fits now, or do you keep bras 'in case' they fit later (either larger or smaller)?

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  • I think that really depends on how you've noticed your bra size/overall weight to fluctuate in the past. I don't notice weight change in my bra-associated area throughout the year. I was the same bra size for several years, even through much of puberty, so I think I just tend to gain & lose weight in other places. If that's the case, maybe don't hold on to them. They can become money in pocket, and work well for someone else.

    On the other hand, I am always heavily modifying bras and testing fit theories out. I keep old bras too messed up to sell so I can take their old wires, boning, or fasteners to make newer bras work better for my body.

  • prokaryolysis I notice that my breasts do change slightly with weight gain/loss - about a half to full cup size up or down. The current ones I have are about a cup size too small right now, but I love them so much I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.
    That's a good idea about keeping older bras for modifications. It seems obvious but I never thought of it. :) I do have a couple that are getting close to retirement!

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