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My name is Danielle and I've been a member of the bra fitting community for almost 3 years. ... I've been led here from reddit. Before then, I was stuffing myself into ill fitting bras from Lane Bryant that caused me a great deal of mental and physical pain. My quality of life has been vastly improved with the right bra, so I am here to help women of similar proportions find bras to fit them.

I have FOT and pendulous projected breasts with a short and wide root. My breasts are wide and splayed. What this means is that I need a bra with wide wires, deep cups, a strong bottom cup, cups of moderate height, and a gore that isn't too wide, high or narrow.

I currently need a 36LL/38L and measure up to a 36M, and I'm getting frustrated with the industry for not providing many viable options above a K cup.

I do have a blog, and on it you can find more in depth reviews of bras as well as body positive ramblings. You can find the link to my blog as well as my social media profiles above.

Favorite Brands:

Panache (mostly old cuts)
Cleo (when I could wear them)
Ewa Michalak FB Cut

Brands I Don't Like:

Kris Line
Curvy Kate (their K cups are inconsistent and don't provide support)
Panache's more narrow offerings

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