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Recently shrunk from around 32E to 28DD/30D after going off of birth control and losing 35lbs.. Now more ... functionally FoB.

I have mild parenchymal maldistribution, which has made me hate my boobs since they began growing.
Because of this, I still don't know whether I'm FoT or FoB, or even, but through trial and error with bras, I've decided that I'm at least functionally FoB or even, because I'm so shallow on top.
Also because of an unusual shape and IFM, it's been confusing figuring out what wires shapes and types I need. I realized that I need to lift my boobs and place them together to figure anything out.
What I've found so far is that I need narrow, close wires(something I hadn't even thought of as my boobs appear separate w/o a bra), and some projection.

I mainly shop online for bras. Sales people, like hair dressers, are something I tend to avoid, for the same reasons: no one wants to listen, and generally they do what they want as opposed to what I request and try to force their opinion of what "looks good" on me.
Most sales people are confused by my boobs because they appear almost micro-sized, yet don't fit into the sizes they think should work.
I primarily buy online now because I'm tired of people not listening to me or giving me the sizes that I ask for, simply because I'm strangely shaped and the top of my boobs are very shallow.

The bras which I have found to work best for me are Comexim, Ewa Michalak CH, HM, and PL bras, Cleo unlined/lightly padded, and Freya longlines(I haven't tried their plunges, but I suspect they would work well also).
Comexim is my favorite, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs narrower wires and more projected cups. They are affordable, comfortable, well fitting, and the most pleasant company I have ever bought from. My favorite companies and stores are the places owned by people who you can tell love what they do, and Comexim is such a perfect example. I don't 100% believe in "the customer is always right" attitude; I have worked far too many retail(about 10) jobs to still believe in that, but Comexim has a great amount of respect for their customers and have never been anything less than helpful and kind, which I and many others greatly appreciate.
I can't even put into words how much I love this company. They are just perfect, and such a good example of what many other companies should be modeling themselves after.

Bratabase has been great for me, and I'm really happy to have found the site and all of the incredible people here! It's the most helpful, welcoming, and friendly place I have found on the internet.

Joining here has given me some confidence where I previously had absolutely none. I have always disliked my shape, and as I lose more tissue, it only becomes more pronounced. After years of mulling it over, I have decided that when I have the money, I am getting my deformity "fixed", solely for my own self esteem. I have tried to love my body the way it is, but it's something that has always brought me down..
In any case, I do not feel as bad as I once did since finding out how to properly fit myself. I thought I could NEVER wear an unlined bra, due to not having a band fitted enough and always looking saggy(tuberous breasts appear to sag even if they aren't actually sagging and are often very deflated looking; only a supportive band will help lift them).

I was wearing 34B's most of my life. At one point at 13, I measured myself at 34D, but I refused to believe it. I re-read the directions on my new bra, and it said add +4 to the band, and then get your cup.
I settled at 36A/B for most of my teenage years, likely further worsening my tissue.
I also went through 11 years switching between bulimia/anorexia, so my weight and breast size was constantly fluctuating.
My last time with bulimia left me with stretch marks and mild sagging, but also, more tissue.
The last bra I bought before December 2014 was probably around 2012, in 38C. I'm estimating that I was probably a 32F-G, or 34E-FF.

I went to Victorias Secret in early December 2014, and the girl asked to measure me. She asked what size I was wearing, and I said 36C. She laughed at me, and I admitted that I had lost a lot of weight and I imagined I was an A by now. Then she said "I'm pretty sure you're a 32C." Which in my uneducated mind- sounded huge and skinny. The last time I wore a 32, I was wearing a 32A at 110lbs.
She measured my ribcage and only on top my boobs (which I thought was weird because I remember VS doing it by your armpits-also weird), with a padded pushup on, so she pulled super tightly.
"32C!" I tried one on in the Body line, and..gross, back fat everywhere, I was really sure it was way too small and I needed a 34 at least.
The fitter said no, I need a 32D. Now I'm SUPER lost. But it fit. No back fat.
Now I'm really confused. Just like all the other girls in VS getting 32D or 32DD-thinking it's giant.
I bought it on the spot, came home, ordered about 10 more. Then I did some research, because logic.
I found out how to measure properly, and realized that I was between 30E and 32D. Then my ribcage shrunk. Since I still didn't accept the D, it took me a few more months to accept that I could probably fit into 32DD and 30E. Those fit me great, at that time.

I ventured out once I realized that my 32D gores were floating and I couldn't scoop and swoop. I thought I needed a 30 band, as I'd gone down from 31 inches to 30, and wondered if that's what caused the gap.

Then I realized that I couldn't wear 30DD in unlined bras without snoopy boobs.
I initially thought I just couldn't wear unlined due to my shape. Nope, needed the 32DD/30E.
I started measuring 30F, but 30E bras work best.

Since then, I've been wearing 30E primarily, and just recently went down to 28E. I have a 27.5"-28" underbust, but I still mostly wear 30 bands.

I finally feel happy and supported when wearing a bra. My body looks a lot more put together. No more saggy cups, snoopy boobs, or bands riding up.
Right now my best fitting bras that I still own are my Comexim Geisha 65F and Ewa Ch Lawenda 70C(runs big in cups). I previously did really well with Comexim Basic and Cleo Lucy, but I had to re-home them when I started losing tissue.

I started a bra blog sometime last year, but I still have yet to finish the layout and everything.
I had hoped to be doing reviews every few days, and unfortunately will have to re-evaluate what I had planned to review as I have sold a lot of bras which no longer fit.
I started working and got a little too busy to be doing reviews every few days. My new plan is to put up a few reviews I've been steadily working on, but they will unfortunately be a little less detailed with photos, as I sold the bras.
After that, my goal is to write a new review once a month. That should give me time to actually wear a bra more than once or twice, and steadily add more information.

I hope that my blog can be helpful. I've learned a lot here and on /r/ABTF, and I have a lot of bras that I'd like to review in more detail. Hopefully adding info on proper measuring and random thing I've learned can help other people to feel more comfortable and confident as well. =)

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